Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Conan the Barbarian Reboot

Just saw the new CONAN THE BARBARIAN and wow. loved it.
*****  Keeper!
Some remakes dont work. like when they tried to replace the duke boys in hazzard. ugh.
But this remix was really good. 
I might even call it better than the first if i think about it hard.
Rachel Nichols stole the show here. hands down. 
This new Conan was really good too.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

We are not sheep to be led to the slaughter

WHEN the SHTF there will be no place to hide. no place to run. we are not sheep to be led to the slaughter. we are lions waiting for the approach. we are humans and we are legion. we cannot be oppressed and we will not be enslaved.

oppressive dictatorships always fall just as assuredly as they can rise. this planet reports a population of 6 billion plus now. that is a much bigger army than the French had when they carried their dictators to the guillotine. And if you think you can hide from us you are sadly mistaken. Better to surrender now and throw yourself on the mercy of the courts.

we are the people.
we are the army.
united as one.
divided by none.

undeclared but not forgotten

yes. we are at war. not just us but the whole frakkin world is at war. the terrorists are takin names and readying their troops and preparing for a world war. the globalist regime is trying to shut down the internet and a lot of users and hackers are really pissed off.

a global war is nothing new to us and neither is a terrorist threat on our shores. those in the loop know who the terrorists, lets go ahead and call them the axis, are, and we will be coming for you with the biggest army that this planet has ever seen. and make no mistake about it. you will fall.

we are the people.
we will survive.
united as one.
divided by none.

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